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06/10/11 – high water

06/10/11 – Well if you’re reading this then the jury rigged web hookup using all battery powered stuff is working and I can do these updates from camp. Cool stuff. The West Branch of the Penobscot is running in the 3,200CFS range and fishing well. I was over there yesterday and I’d say fishing pressure […]

06/03/11 – high water

06/03/11 Well I wish I had better news for you but I don’t. The Kennebec River is still very high and the flow is fast. I don’t have any idea when they’ll be dropping it because there just seems to be too much water everywhere. The East Outlet is running at 5,400CFS and the river […]

04/29/11 – ponds open

04/29/11 – Well this is the last update typed from Fly Fishing Only. Tomorrow is our last day as a shop – retirement here we come! I’ll keep doing Friday Updates on the Kennebec River for awhile (we’ll be here, in Fairfield, most of May) but Linda and I are heading for Pemadumcook Lake in […]

05/27/11 – water temp 56 degrees

05/27/11 – Strange things are happening in Shawmut/Fairfield on the Kennebec. The flow is heavy and levels are high in Shawmut yet in Fairfield the landing is high and dry. They must have the gates in Waterville wide open again. I hate it when they do that. Water temperatures are perfect in the Kennebec right […]

05/19/11 – high water

5/19/11 – I don’t have much of a Friday Update for you. The river is high top to bottom. 16,000CFS at Bingham, 20,000CFS at Madison. Just plain high. Ponds are producing. Alewives are here. A few stripers have been caught. Heading for Grand Lake Stream in the morning. It’s running over 1,200CFS. Guess I’ll be […]

05/13/11 – high water

05/13/11 – Well going to camp for a week was a bust from a fishing standpoint. Our boat was grounded for three of the days because of high winds (20-MPH). So I hiked to my favorite beaver pond – empty. The high spring flows blew out a big hole and there were no signs of […]