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Seasonal update of fishing conditions

11/08/13 – If Nothing Else the New Trout Are Pretty

11/08/13 – Well, most of the Kennebec is closed to fishing now and this will be one of if not the last Friday Updates for the season.  I’ll start the Thursday Reviews soon.  But for the time being our fall rains have held off and we have good wading – fairly cold but good wading. […]

10/25/13 Bugs are Small and Smaller

10/25/13 – This fall is treating us well.  There are good flows and while the last couple of days have been cool, all in all, it has been a mild fall.  But, for sure, the hatches are failing. I haven’t seen a caddis in awhile and other than the occasional Leadwing Coachman I’ve seen nothing […]

10/11/13 – Almost Columbus Day

10/11/13 – Hopefully the big dump is over and upper river flows will stay down so we can fish the rest of the month out without fear of washing away 🙂 As you can see by the flow chart below Wyman Dam (Bingham) has been flowing at 5,000CFS for a week. The East Outlet and […]

10/04/13 – Just a couple of days late

10/04/13 – OK, so it’s really the sixth not the forth.  However, I had lots to get done so I could return to camp and Friday just disappeared before I knew it.  And Saturday, well it was so beautiful I just had to fish.  So, fish I did.  It was a worthwhile effort. Enough so […]

09/27/13 – Oh, but for the Wind and Leaves

09/27/13 – Fishing is peaking – in my opinion.  I know some may not agree but if you go out and fish this weekend I think you’ll find willing fish.  There are still hatches, wets are still working, bright streamers are bringing aggressive strikes and the fish are in prime breeding condition.  Get out and […]

09/20/13 – Holy Kype Batman – “It must be fall”

09/20/13 – Hatches definitely waning – I didn’t see one caddis on the water last night.  However, there were scattered rises and they did come up for a dry or two.  One thing for sure they are “Kyping” up.  This guy took my Muddler for something he wanted (dead drifted the Muddler over the lip […]