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Gear and technique reviews

Another small stream – Another Waterfall

06/09/2015 – Rain today but not much wind.  So I loaded the canoe and headed upriver towards The Forks.  I launched my canoe on the 201 side of the river and poled up and across the Kennebec planing to explore another tributary.  The flow was moderate and without the 10-15 mph winds we’ve been having […]

Gravel Gertie

I searched online for “supervisor, bucktail, streamer” the other day and the search results listed Don Bastian near the top – no surprise there. The first link was to a page I’ve mentioned before that deals with finding good streamer hackle. If you tie streamers I highly recommend following this link to Don’s site to read […]

Warden’s Worry

A fellow fly tyer generously sent me a few cards of wool he had dyed.  The color he was looking for when he dyed the wool is … elusive. “Orange-yellow spun fur or wool applied loosely or picked out to make it fuzzy” is how Joe Bates, Jr. described the body color of a Warden’s […]

Tape-Backed Caddis Wings

When Caddis are resting or skating across the water’s surface their wings are normally tented over their body.  There are lots of way to imitate tented wings. Some patterns call for Deer Hair others for Duck Quill segments and if you really start poking around in tying books you’ll find many more materials.  All of […]

01/17/14 – Gold Dredging Again

01/17/14 – Hey – how am I supposed to know this is Friday not Thursday – I’m retired. So a day late but here goes. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a bill that placed some needed restrictions on Gold Dredging here in Maine.  It was a first step and now it’s time […]

01/09/14 – World’s Best Fly Box

01/09/14 – Ahhhh……………the search continues for the World’s Best Fly Box.  Something I’m convinced doesn’t exist.  There are lots of them out there.  Yep, all kinds – thick ones, thin ones – metal ones, plastic ones – and all of them are the “Best” when I buy them but it isn’t long before I find […]