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Gear and technique reviews

12/12/13 – Let’s go Dredge up some Fish Eggs….ah, Gold

12/12/13 – Well, I guess the inference that gold dredging can suck up fish eggs is a bit of an exaggeration since State of Maine saw says: A person may perform motorized recreational gold prospecting only from June 15th to September 15th and only with written permission of the relevant landowner. So no fish eggs […]

12/05/13 -I’m a Book Guy

I’m a book guy – a bibliophile.  I love to read books, stand and gaze at stacks of books, browse titles looking for one that peaks my interest, the smell of books.  And best of all I love to sit and read them. All types – a myriad of topics and types and I own a […]


03/21/13 – I rejoice for all the skiers, snowmobiles and winter enthusiasts who were hoping for this foot of snow.  I too am happy to see it since the snow pack up around our camp in Millinocket with less than a foot two weeks ago and no snow means poor run-offs and early seasonal warming of […]


03/14/13 – At our Trout Unlimited meeting Monday we had two people from AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) as guest speakers. They talked about the land AMC now owns in Maine, plans for that land, plans for the future and how fishing fits into all that. Access is pretty good and you should check out the […]

Pretty Cormorant

03/07/13 – I know what you’re probable thinking – there’s no such thing as a pretty cormorant – and if you are thinking that you’re right.  At least in my opinion you’re right if  you think that.  However, when I say pretty cormorant I’m not really talking about cormorants I’m talking about all those other fish eating […]

When Your Welded Loop Fails

02/28/13  – It’s the rage – all the fly lines have them. Welded loops.  They’re smooth, strong, go through the guides easy and seldom last the life of the fly line.  At least that’s my experience with them.  Somehow, some way the loop is compromised and I’m forced to cut it off and fashion a new […]