The Devil Bug is a great Brook Trout fly.  I use it a lot and have good luck with it.  I often tie it will green chenille instead of red chenille for the body.  Tying it in green  paid off big for me one day on Grand Lake Stream.

It was one of those days when you could see Salmon feeding but they wouldn't take anything I threw.  Finally, out of desperation, I tied on my green bodied Devil Bug.  I didn't have much faith in it because, after all, it's a Brook Trout fly.  You can guess the rest of the story - it worked well and saved the day. So, tie some up - red or green or BOTH and don't just use them for Brookies.


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This video gives you an idea of how the videos on play. The ROTARY FLY TYING website is a pay to view website with lots of fly patterns recorded in the above video format. 

They play on a little larger screen when viewing on the web and are also available in download format so that you can view them without being online.  If you download the videos you can also play them in a larger format. Oh, and most of the patterns on ROTARY FLY TYING are a bit more complicated than the Devil Bug and make more use of the rotary vise features.

If you get a chance check out ROTARY FLY TYING website.  There is a sample video on the bottom left of the home page that you can play to see the actual format the videos play in.  However, to see any other videos you would have to register and then pay the $25.00 subscription fee.  You can however see the library of videos without being registered.  You'll see there are quite a few videos up there an more being added all the time. 

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