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    Mike Holt

    Yep, your link brought you to the correct place. This is the new Fly Fishing Only forum and for the time being it isn’t working as it should. I’m just learning how to run this thing and SPAMERS are driving me crazy.

    I’ll activate registration and posting for members soon. Actually, you might be able to active and post anytime if you want to give it a try but – OFTEN – I will have registration shut off because SPAMERS are registering at a rate of about 200 a day. That sucks.

    I have been able to keep SPAMERS for posting but they are able to register and overwhelm the inner working of the forum. What a pain.
    – Mike

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    Bill Blake

    Looks good Mike. I haven’t posted here in ages (or posted much on any fishing forum), but it looks like I just happened to think to stop by after reading some rant about an unmentionable book on another forum.

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    Mike Holt

    Thanks Bill. Glad you found it and I appreciate the post. Setting this up has been a task. Still a few things to iron out (like I can’t figure out why the posts show with different colors and sizes of font – not supposed to do that) but it is coming together.

    Some day I may even figure out how to import all the old posts into this sites archive so we’ll be able to access them.

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    Igloo lake

    Hi Mike
    Good to see you up and running. See you at Superboo.

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    Mr. Don

    I used to be caddis16. The colors are hard for an old guy to see.

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    Water Rat

    Glad to see it back up Mike! I hope you do import your old forum some day, great resource. I’ve looking things up many times by searching the archives.

    Don – You can change the colors some in your profile. Not sure how much that will help.

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