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    Mike Holt

    Well, I have to admit I haven’t been spending all of my time on projects. A couple of camp trips with some fishing and a couple of quick outings around here kept me sane but for the most part I haven’t been fishing – I’ve been working on “stuff.”

    But today the fishing starts. Good thing because Shawmut measured 63 degrees today.

    But despite the heat – there were fish.

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    I’ve been working on stuff for the past few weeks, with a few sneak aways.
    We’re done with the projects and should be pretty free to catch ’em now.

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    Wait… that brown was at Shawmut? Nice. I’ve been out of the country for 3 weeks and headed to Bingham today for my first outing of the year. As it always does before heading out, it feels like it will be a perfect day with tons of bugs and lots of easily-fooled fish. That might change once in the water, but for now, I believe.

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    Mike Holt

    Tinsnip, Hope Bingham worked out well for you.
    Yes, that Brown was from Shawmut.

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