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    I went from being neal to being anonymous. Couldn’t log in (still trying to use the site generated password). Reregistered as Neal, and got a new password. going to try and change it now.

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    Password change worked…..but ten characters???? What are the chances that I will ever remember that?

    Now, as long as I don’t become anonymous again. If you show me as a user “neal” Mike, you can delete that one as I used an upper case N the second time.

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    Mike Holt

    Neal, you became anonymous because while I was deleting the hundreds of Spam Bot generated phony registrations I accidently deleted your account. Sorry.

    Glad you got signed back in. I didn’t realize there was a 10-character requirement for a password. I’ll have to look into that and see if I can change it.

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    Not a problem Mike. Are you able to use one of those panels that require the “person” registering to repeat an alphanumeric sequence in order to prevent Bot registrations? 200 a day seems like a lot of maintenance to me. : )

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    Mike Holt

    Neal, you might even say deleting 200+ a day phony registrations went beyond maintenance ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had installed one of those “Captcha” panels and the Spam Bots were able to work around it. A bit of research told me “Captcha” will soon be a thing of the past and led me to a service called “CleanTalk” which offered “Captcha” free clean registrations.
    On day two of the Spam Bot attacks I installed “CleanTalk” (14-day free trial) and that was the last of the phony Spam Bot registrations.
    So far the chart looks like this:
    Spam rejects
    12 real registrations and over a thousand rejects. I happy with the 12 real registrations and extremely happy with the rejects ๐Ÿ™‚

    The service costs a whopping $8.00 a year and even though I’m trying to do this without hiring help (the shop doesn’t pay for the site any longer my limited retirement income does ๐Ÿ™‚ ) spending an extra $8.00 just seemed to make sense.

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