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    Mike Holt

    Well, I had it figured out for awhile. Rising trout again, lots of bugs. Caddis hatching and egg laying going on with occasional mayflies. Lots for the fish to choose from and me trying to figure it out.

    I tried several newer patterns and finally just fell back to an old faithful.
    Elk Hair CaddisYep, an Elk Hair Caddis did the trick for awhile. One to the net and one lost. (Edited to add the pattern I used had a bleached blonde wing and brown body – it also was a 16 – so might lighter and darker than the picture – it matched the caddis hatching don’t know what they were)

    Then the surface feeding quieted and when it resumed a bit later they were onto something else. Never did figure out what the something else was but I tried for quite awhile.

    I was happy with one in and one lost. Nice fighting fish.

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    Nice to see the fish are looking up. The Elk hair caddis has also been good to us.
    Had success with the EZ caddis last year too.

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    chris r

    Nice fish, I have been using the X-Caddis with great success this season and past seasons . Nice to see fish showing at Shawmut, fished it earlier in May during a couple good hatches but I don’t believe the fish were looking up yet, will have to give it another try

    chris r

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    Mike Holt

    You should Chris. Not the density there once was but there are fish showing. I was at camp the last two days but back on the river tomorrow 🙂

    Hope to see you out there.

    Good thing your boat Fears No Rock – water is low.

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    The same situation presented itself to me and Tim while fishing a river. Fish, fish everywhere and some of the most selective fish I have seen. I resorted to an size 14 elk hair caddis with a bleached wind and light tan body. The fish did start biting and the best result was at the end of the drift when the fly was in the hang down position slightly submerged.

    It wasn’t util the end of the day that I ran across four nicely tied Spent Wing Caddis flies size 14 that I had tied from an on line video. The second that fly touched down the water exploded. Tim tied one on and for the next hour could not keep the fish of from it. The area we fished had very slow current and even that situation it was when the fly was once again almost in that hang down position that the strike came.

    As a side note and not to hijack this thread.
    Most of my fishing (about 95%) has been in the freshwater since returning from Cape Cod for Stripers. However the last couple of evenings have been in the salt and the fishing has been very good. They are not the really large fish we had come to expect but decent fish just the same.

    A day without fishing is like a day without sunshine.

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