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Warden’s Worry

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    Mike Holt

    Warden’s Worry

    I tie the Warden’s Worry with a marabou beard.
    The original pattern calls for a wound hackle collar pulled down into a beard.

    What’s your preference?

    Warden's Worry Fly Pattern on Yellow Bucktail

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    Water Rat

    I think both look good, probably the marabou gives better action. I also sometimes substitute a tuft of rabbit fur clipped off a rabbit strip for a beard or tail. That gives great action as well.

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    Mike, I do use marabou for the throat sometimes, usually with the wing also (with some bucktail underneath to keep it from wrapping the shank. Dick Surrettes book has this fly with a more orange than yellow body, which I like and have had good luck with…so to answer your question, I prefer the hackle throat; especially to contrast with the body color.
    Now you’ve got me wanting to try one with marabou on the throat and wing…I’ll let you know how it looks…and works.

    Save me some

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