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07/08/11 – warm water

07/08/11 – Well that warm water I was talking about last week is here.  71 degrees yesterday MORNING at Madison.  That’s getting up there for trout.


Perhaps that’s why the guy I was fishing with and I only managed one Smallmouth Bass.  We did see a couple of refusals by what we think were trout but you can make a refusal any kind of fish you want 🙂

With Madison up into the 70’s I’d be taking my fishing up to Solon and Bingham if I wasn’t heading for camp right after I finish typing this.  I suspect I’ll find some good water on the West Branch and although a bit high at 3,100CFS I’m sure I can find some water to fish.

I don’t know what the water temperature is like at the East Outlet but the flow is finally down enough to wade. It’s running at 1,500CFS.  Moving downriver to Harris the flow will take a rafting bump at 10:00am (5,000CFS) but will drop to around 1,300CFS and stay there the rest of the day.  The Gorge and the Forks should produce some good afternoon and evening fishing.  Flagstaff is at 385CFS so there won’t be any high flow problem in the Dead.

Bingham is a bonus flow
today as it will run at 2,800CFS all day.  Hopefully, tomorrow and Sunday will also have fishable flows all day as well. Be sure and check the flow phone before you make the trip.  The flow phone number is 1-800-557-3569.

And don’t forget about the ponds. The biggest hatch of the year is going on right now all around us.  The Hex (often called Green Drakes or Drakes) are hatching and if you’ve never hit a Hex hatch you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  Get out there and fish.