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10/25/13 Bugs are Small and Smaller

10/25/13 – This fall is treating us well.  There are good flows and while the last couple of days have been cool, all in all, it has been a mild fall.  But, for sure, the hatches are failing. I haven’t seen a caddis in awhile and other than the occasional Leadwing Coachman I’ve seen nothing […]

10/11/13 – Almost Columbus Day

10/11/13 – Hopefully the big dump is over and upper river flows will stay down so we can fish the rest of the month out without fear of washing away 🙂 As you can see by the flow chart below Wyman Dam (Bingham) has been flowing at 5,000CFS for a week. The East Outlet and […]

08/30/13 – Things are Good – Go Fish

08/30/13 – Things are good – Go Fishing.  Water temps are back in the high sixties and dropping – flows are perfect up and down the river and there are still Light Cahills and Sulfurs  hatching along with Leadwing Coachmen, Blue Winged Olives and soon to come White Flies.  I still like to fish mornings […]

08/23/13 – Temps better and hatches ongoing

08/23/13 – A friend and I made a trip to Shawmut on Monday.  The water was warm – 73 degrees so we figured we’d target Smallmouth.  They were there and so were the bugs.  Blue Winged Olives by the thousands swarming all around you or anything else that broke the current. That was 4 days ago and the […]

05/24/13 – Back from Grand Lake Stream

05/24/13 – Sorry about missing last Friday’s Update but I left for Grand Lake Stream about 5:00am and once up there there is little to no internet access.  Good and bad in that 🙂 Thinking that might have changed I went into the Pine Tree Store and asked if the town had public internet access. The […]

06/26/11 – fishing good

06/26/11 – Sorry about missing Friday. I was “Upta” camp but my computer wasn’t. I planned on taking it with me but when got there it wasn’t there and when I got home it was right where I left it – oops. However, Linda and I got home last night and here’s an update on […]