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12/05/13 -I’m a Book Guy

I’m a book guy – a bibliophile.  I love to read books, stand and gaze at stacks of books, browse titles looking for one that peaks my interest, the smell of books.  And best of all I love to sit and read them. All types – a myriad of topics and types and I own a […]

I like to cast

03/24/11 – I like to cast. It’s as simple as that. Casting and line control were what brought me to fly fishing. I was already catching my fair share with my ultra-light spinning outfit and had long ago worked out many of the mysteries of trolling. But casting, man, that used a whole new layer […]

Searching Flies

03/05/11 – Searching flies are a big part of my fly fishing. While I like to fish old haunts I also like to find new ones. The big problem with new ones is that it takes awhile to become familiar enough to know where the most productive spots are. You know – familiar enough to […]

Trout Lessons

02/17/11 – Well we just got back from vacation and vacation was great. One thing that helped make it great was a book I bought last year and put aside just so that I could read it while on vacation with no need to rush or skim pages – instead I could just sit back […]