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Time for projects

04/18/16 – I know it’s not Friday but here a post anyway. Hit Bingham yesterday. 2,300CFS for a flow, in April, and 70-degree weather; couldn’t resist.  My brother and I waded in about 11:30am and found 38-degree water. We figured fish wouldn’t be real active so we rigged up with a heavy stonefly and a […]

Tape-Backed Caddis Wings

When Caddis are resting or skating across the water’s surface their wings are normally tented over their body.  There are lots of way to imitate tented wings. Some patterns call for Deer Hair others for Duck Quill segments and if you really start poking around in tying books you’ll find many more materials.  All of […]

09/06/13 – Water temps good – caddis active

09/06/13 – The cool nights have done the trick – water temps are good almost everywhere.  And, while the recent DOWNPOURS drove the flows up most waters have dropped right back to wadable.  One place that didn’t bump up much is the West Branch of the Penobscot.  The flow at the West Branch is only […]

06/17/11 – fishing good

06/17/11 – The rivers and streams may still be high but if your not out doing it now your missing out. The Solon section is at 5,900CFS and that is high but you can fish it. Float trips are the best bet – there are nice fish being caught right now. Two guides that you […]

08/27/10 – warm water

08/27/10 – Things are slowly getting better. This morning I got 69 degrees in back of the shop for a water temperature so we’ve only got a degree of drop to go before trout fishing (at least in the Shawmut section) starts to come back. The rain we got was too little, too late – […]

07/23/10 – warm water

07/23/10 – Well it’s still hot but the nighttime temperatures are finally dropping and so providing some cooling. The forecast shows more low 60 degree nights and showers, all of which will help. The water temperature out back of the shop this morning is 74 degrees. Hatches are holding up with Cinnamon Caddis and other […]