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05/24/13 – Back from Grand Lake Stream

05/24/13 – Sorry about missing last Friday’s Update but I left for Grand Lake Stream about 5:00am and once up there there is little to no internet access. ¬†Good and bad in that ūüôā Thinking that might have changed I went into¬†the Pine Tree Store and asked if the town had public internet access. The […]

Handling Trout

03/06/08 – The State Open Water Fishing Regulations (which are out now¬†stop in and pick up a copy) has a section titled¬†Tips for Catching and Releasing Fish. The number one rule is TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. I couldn’t agree more.¬† There are some tools available to the fly fisherman that help you do just […]

Fly Tying – Good way to learn about insects

02/28/08 – I enjoy books like Tom Ames book¬†Hatch Guide For New¬†England Trout Streams. Few books will give you as much insight ¬†on how insects and trout interact.¬† It’s one of my “go to” books.¬† Another less thought about source of the same type information are articles in Fly Tyer magazine. For example, even people […]

Spring Fishing – Get It While You Can

02/21/08 – Well March is right around the corner and I, for one, welcome March. Not just because it brings one of my favorite holidays ‚Äď St. Patrick‚Äôs Day ‚Äď but also because it often brings some good fishing before the river here gets blown out by the spring melt. Fortunately the Kennebec River from […]