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Searching Flies

03/05/11 – Searching flies are a big part of my fly fishing. While I like to fish old haunts I also like to find new ones. The big problem with new ones is that it takes awhile to become familiar enough to know where the most productive spots are. You know – familiar enough to […]

Skitter and Skate?

02/24/11 – I dead drift my dry flies – when I don’t skitter and skate them. Or said another way I’ll try most anything if it will bring a fish up including skating my flies. Leonard M. Wright, Jr. called it the “Sudden Inch” in his 1972 book called “Fishing the Dry Fly as a […]

Fly Fishing is Simple

12/30/10 – One of the great things about fly-fishing is the simplicity of it. All you need is a rod and reel setup and a fly – even a gaudy one like the Royal Wulff – and if the water isn’t barren – sooner or later you’ll probably catch a fish. That’s all it takes […]

Selectively Opportunistic

03/27/08 – Now there’s an Oxymoron for you “selectively opportunistic” but it gives you an idea how I look at feeding fish.  To my way of looking at them feeding fish fall into one of these two categories – like any good oxymoron they can’t be both. Of course they can be off-the-feed and neither […]