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05/21/10 – fishing good

05/21/10 – Fishing is picking up nicely. Water temperatures are in the 50’s in most rivers and streams (54 degrees in Shawmut – surprise – last year on the 22nd Shawmut’s temperature was actually little warmer it was 59 degrees) so trout and salmon are really putting on the feed bag. Also Shad have returned […]

Dumb Luck

01/14/10 – We’re heading for camp this weekend. No – we didn’t just flash back to mid-summer. This trip is a winter vacation and there will be little to do with fly fishing while we are up there. There will be maps, planning hike-ins, fly tying and book reading but that’s about it pertaining to […]


Back in the day the end of September marked the end of fishing until April rolled around. Gear maintenance was something you did when you stowed your gear away and began the long wait. But today there is no clearly defined “end of season” and so no set time for maintenance. Many people use their gear […]

Etiquette? I already know which fork to use.

Proper etiquette while fly fishing is an elastic concept. Etiquette compresses down to just a few basic rules when you’re in a location like Grand Lake Stream, Maine or the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York. Etiquette expands to include things like rotation through a pool and direction of travel when wading if you’re on […]

Trout Eat Insects – Right?

If asked – Trout eat insects, right? Few fly fishermen would say no.  After all it is called fly fishing.  But if you’re fishing bug patterns and don’t occasionally throw an imitation of some other tidbit that might tempt fish you may be missing out on some of the bigger fish. Certainly here in New […]

Which Fly?

This is a common question here at the fly shop. People will stop in and say some friends are taking me fishing and I’d like to have a couple flies of my own – can you help me select some? This question is asked with complete innocence for the person generally has no idea of […]