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Here Comes The Melt

03/10/11 Don’t look now but here comes the melt. I know you can’t tell because it’s snowing out today but the temperature will be in the 40’s by tomorrow and as Dylan said “it’s a hard rains a-gonna fall” most of tomorrow. Saturday too. So Sunday I’ll be out looking at water and trying a […]

Weight Forward or Double Taper?

11/18/10 – Over the last several years fly rod construction has been the big thing. Special “Thermo-plastic” resins, nano-ceramic coatings, higher modulus graphite and new tapers are all the rage. Fly lines don’t get much press. Which is too bad because if you want to add feet to your cast or improve your accuracy and […]

Sink Tip lines get no respect

Floating lines are where it’s at these days. Hardly anyone fishes sinking lines and fewer yet fish sink tip lines. Sink tip lines are the Rodney Dangerfield of the fly line world. Yet like Rodney Dangerfield sink tip lines deserve a second glance.Years ago Sinking Lines were prone to “sagging” when they sank. The line’s […]

Trout Eat Insects – Right?

If asked – Trout eat insects, right? Few fly fishermen would say no.  After all it is called fly fishing.  But if you’re fishing bug patterns and don’t occasionally throw an imitation of some other tidbit that might tempt fish you may be missing out on some of the bigger fish. Certainly here in New […]

When is a 5-weight not a 5-weight?

Fly lines used to be identified by letters.  If you wanted a double taper fly line you would get an HDH.  An HDH line would be .025″ on each end and the mid-section (belly) would be .045″ and as long as you purchased the line from the same manufacturer life was good.  However, if you […]