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01/31/13 welcome to Superboo X

01/31/13 – Well, welcome to the first Thursday Review since we retired at the end of April, 2011. After we retired I did the Friday Update until the water warmed up in July and then just let both of them just sit while we adjusted to being retired. I figured it was time to start them […]

Which Rod should I buy?

12/16/10 – Many people get their fly fishing start by going on a trip with a friend and they end up using gear borrowed from that friend. Others find a rod stored away and just take it out (old line and all) and start working with it and find that while it works it doesn’t […]

Gear Review 2010

12/09/10 – I thought this week I’d review some of the items I carry when I’m fishing. Before I get started let me say I carry a lot of gear – people laugh when they pick up my vest and often ask which pocket I have the kitchen sink in. Rightly so I guess because […]

Fly Rod Actions?

02/25/10 – Last week the most frequent questions asked here in the shop related to the topic of felt versus rubber wading boot soles. This week customer focus has shifted to fly rods or more specifically – fly rod action. When I started fly fishing rods were classified as  slow, medium and fast. Fairly simple […]

03/15/07 – all around fly rod?

03/15/07 – “I’m looking to start fly-fishing and I want buy a fly rod” – Music to my ears. I just love to have someone come in and say that. Part of the reason is it usually means a sale but a big part of the reason is I like to help people get into […]