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Gravel Gertie

I searched online for “supervisor, bucktail, streamer” the other day and the search results listed Don Bastian near the top – no surprise there. The first link was to a page I’ve mentioned before that deals with finding good streamer hackle. If you tie streamers I highly recommend following this link to Don’s site to read […]

Tape-Backed Caddis Wings

When Caddis are resting or skating across the water’s surface their wings are normally tented over their body.  There are lots of way to imitate tented wings. Some patterns call for Deer Hair others for Duck Quill segments and if you really start poking around in tying books you’ll find many more materials.  All of […]

That’s so old it’s new

Every season something comes along to remind me how long I’ve been doing this thing called fly fishing. Usually it’s something so old that it’s new again. The most recent case is a technique for tying a Humpy demonstrated by Charlie Craven in his new book “Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying” published this year. The […]

Fly Tying – Good way to learn about insects

02/28/08 – I enjoy books like Tom Ames book Hatch Guide For New England Trout Streams. Few books will give you as much insight  on how insects and trout interact.  It’s one of my “go to” books.  Another less thought about source of the same type information are articles in Fly Tyer magazine. For example, even people […]