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The Great Hendrickson Hunt – May 9, 2014

May 09, 2014 – Wednesday morning I headed for the Little Ossipee river. It was my third trip over I figured I had a good chance of catching a Hendrickson hatch.  Well – I saw Stoneflies, Caddisflies and Mayflies but none of the Mayflies were Hendricksons. Big March Browns like this one danced over the […]

04/26/13 Still High Water but Warming

04/26/14 – We’re still running high on the Kennebec.  Some of the tribs like the Dead River are being held back.  Flow on the Dead today is 153CFS – very fishable.  But the main stem of the Kennebec River is high from Harris down (however, East Outlet is only 1,008CFS). Water temps are getting up […]

04/19/13 Ice Going Out

04/19/13 – Lakes and ponds are opening fast now.  If you’re curious about a pond or lake there is a State of Maine website that contains historical ice out data along with current ice out dates as people phone them in.  The website is maintained by the State of Maine, Division of Parks and Lands  and I […]

06/17/11 – fishing good

06/17/11 – The rivers and streams may still be high but if your not out doing it now your missing out. The Solon section is at 5,900CFS and that is high but you can fish it. Float trips are the best bet – there are nice fish being caught right now. Two guides that you […]

05/27/11 – water temp 56 degrees

05/27/11 – Strange things are happening in Shawmut/Fairfield on the Kennebec. The flow is heavy and levels are high in Shawmut yet in Fairfield the landing is high and dry. They must have the gates in Waterville wide open again. I hate it when they do that. Water temperatures are perfect in the Kennebec right […]

06/04/10 – fishing good

06/04/10 – Water temperature has dropped a bit – a good thing – the reading I just got was 60 degrees. Flows bumped up just a bit with the rain and that also is a good thing. We were down to July/August flows on June 1st and that’s just too early to be that low. […]