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05/28/10 – bugs – fishing good

05/28/10 – I’m surprised – I left for Grand Lake Stream a week ago and the water was in the low fifties and today upon returning I check the water temperature out back and it is 62 degrees. We didn’t see 62 last year until June 5th. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as everything else […]

05/07/10 – high but fishable

05/07/10 – We’re so close to wading Shawmut it’s frustrating to have to post that it isn’t quite there. Some people can and do wade it at this level (8,257CFS) but it’s a real push and difficult if you don’t know your way around. The level is high but the White Rock is peaking out […]

05/22/09 – good fishing

05/22/09 – What a difference a week makes. The river is prime here in the Shawmut area. Flow is 7,000CFS (a bit high for some but safe enough – 6,000CFS is perfect – 8,000CFS most people stop wading) and the water temperature at 6:00am read 59 degrees. There are hatches as well. Last week before […]

Which Fly?

This is a common question here at the fly shop. People will stop in and say some friends are taking me fishing and I’d like to have a couple flies of my own – can you help me select some? This question is asked with complete innocence for the person generally has no idea of […]

06/06/08 – good fishing

06/06/08 – Conditions are great.  The rain was just right in that it gave us some needed water but didn’t flood us out.  Levels at Shawmut are still fine, clarity is good and the water temperature is 56 degrees.  But the best part is yesterday, for the first time this season I was greeted by BUGS on […]

05/23/08 – fishing good

05/23/08 – Conditions are perfect at Shawmut.  Level is good, clarity great, water temperature is 55 degrees and this weekend should see dry fly activity as there has been little yet.  However, with the sunshine we’ll have the next three days things should pop. This year’s Browns have been stocked and they look like the […]