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06/14/13 Stripers at Grand Falls

06/14/13 – I know the water is high and fish swim but Stripers all the way up to Grand Falls – man that’s some high water. Yet, pictures don’t lie and that’s about as nice a Striper as I’ve caught up there. And I wasn’t the only one take a look at the Striper in […]

04/19/13 Ice Going Out

04/19/13 – Lakes and ponds are opening fast now.  If you’re curious about a pond or lake there is a State of Maine website that contains historical ice out data along with current ice out dates as people phone them in.  The website is maintained by the State of Maine, Division of Parks and Lands  and I […]

04/30/10 – cold – high water

04/30/10 – Still no wading in Shawmut. I did see the White Rock last week. It poked up for about three hours on Tuesday but went right back under. With 48 degree water I’m sure wishing I could get out there and fish for a bit. I’d like to know if any of last year’s […]

08/28/09 – high water

08/28/09 – The water temperature is back down already. This morning’s reading was 66 degrees. That’s great but the flow and level is still high. Wish I could tell you something else. I have gotten a couple of phone calls from people who have fished Solon and Madison at the present levels and they told […]

08/22/08 – Shawmut 68 degrees

08/22/08 – Water is still high but close to wadable.  Water clarity is good and the temperature is 68 degrees.  There are hatches of Sulphers, Tan Caddis, small Olive Caddis, still some Lead Winged Coachman and the White Flies should be showing any day. If you are wondering about the White Rock it is still there […]