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Time for projects

04/18/16 – I know it’s not Friday but here a post anyway. Hit Bingham yesterday. 2,300CFS for a flow, in April, and 70-degree weather; couldn’t resist.  My brother and I waded in about 11:30am and found 38-degree water. We figured fish wouldn’t be real active so we rigged up with a heavy stonefly and a […]

The Great Hendrickson Hunt – June 13, 2014

06/13/14 – The Hendrickson Hatch has come and gone for the Waterville area.  At least as far as I can tell.  Now it’s time to head North in search of an area where they are still hatching.  As I hoped it might the hatch seemed to stop gradually as you moved up the river.  When […]

The Great Hendrickson Hunt – June 6, 2014

June 6th, 2014 – The Hendrickson Hunt continues.  The Hendricksons are hatching up and down the Kennebec River Valley.  Well, at least from Bingham down to Fairfield. I admit since I discovered them on the Shawmut Section I haven’t gone further North than Bingham to fish them.  They will be stopping soon in Shawmut and […]

11/08/13 – If Nothing Else the New Trout Are Pretty

11/08/13 – Well, most of the Kennebec is closed to fishing now and this will be one of if not the last Friday Updates for the season.  I’ll start the Thursday Reviews soon.  But for the time being our fall rains have held off and we have good wading – fairly cold but good wading. […]

08/16/13 – We got through July

Well, we made it through July (and half of August). My records show the main stem of the Kennebec, in Fairfield, will drop into the high 60’s around the 20th.  With the coming of longer cooler nights it’s time to renew the search for cool water. Cool water has been hard to find. However, on […]

07/08/11 – warm water

07/08/11 – Well that warm water I was talking about last week is here.  71 degrees yesterday MORNING at Madison.  That’s getting up there for trout. Perhaps that’s why the guy I was fishing with and I only managed one Smallmouth Bass.  We did see a couple of refusals by what we think were trout […]