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06/10/11 – high water

06/10/11 – Well if you’re reading this then the jury rigged web hookup using all battery powered stuff is working and I can do these updates from camp. Cool stuff. The West Branch of the Penobscot is running in the 3,200CFS range and fishing well. I was over there yesterday and I’d say fishing pressure […]

Last off season post hatch chart – blue dun page

03/31/11Ok this is the last Thursday Review of the season.  Tomorrow starts the Friday Updates which review river conditions. However, for this Thursday Review I thought I’d finish up with some comments about bugs.  The ones we find here on the Kennebec River.  So I got to looking around and found a hatch chart that […]

09/12/08 – Hanna dumps rain

09/12/08 – Well as promised Hanna gave us a fair amount of rain followed a few days later by even more.  Levels are still high, water temperature out back is 61 degrees, clarity good but with this level (8,500CFS) there won’t be many of us fishing it.  As it has been the river is low enough […]

Spring Fishing – Get It While You Can

02/21/08 – Well March is right around the corner and I, for one, welcome March. Not just because it brings one of my favorite holidays – St. Patrick’s Day – but also because it often brings some good fishing before the river here gets blown out by the spring melt. Fortunately the Kennebec River from […]

Rookie Mistakes

11/29/07 Well, open water at fishable levels is some scarce.  So instead of reporting river conditions it’s time to start the Thursday Review.  For those of you not familiar with the format the Thursday Review is something I do to pass the winter and supplement the Friday Update. I thought I’d start this out with a […]