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09/20/13 – Holy Kype Batman – “It must be fall”

09/20/13 – Hatches definitely waning – I didn’t see one caddis on the water last night.  However, there were scattered rises and they did come up for a dry or two.  One thing for sure they are “Kyping” up.  This guy took my Muddler for something he wanted (dead drifted the Muddler over the lip […]

05/24/13 – Back from Grand Lake Stream

05/24/13 – Sorry about missing last Friday’s Update but I left for Grand Lake Stream about 5:00am and once up there there is little to no internet access.  Good and bad in that 🙂 Thinking that might have changed I went into the Pine Tree Store and asked if the town had public internet access. The […]

05/10/13 – All Systems GO

05/10/13 – The Kennebec is running well within it’s banks.  Unusual for this time of year. A normal flow would be in the 20,000CFS range but we’re running a very wadable 6,500CFS or so.  Nice – but scary because the water is warming fast.  We’re already getting 53 degree water – violets are up on […]

Flows Ramping Up

April 12,2013, Well finally the melt has started. The Kennebec River in Sidney is about 15,000CFS and that’s close to the historical flow for the middle of April – just a bit low.  Most of the online USGS site reports are active now but Spencer Stream near Grand Falls on the Dead River stills reads […]

05/27/11 – water temp 56 degrees

05/27/11 – Strange things are happening in Shawmut/Fairfield on the Kennebec. The flow is heavy and levels are high in Shawmut yet in Fairfield the landing is high and dry. They must have the gates in Waterville wide open again. I hate it when they do that. Water temperatures are perfect in the Kennebec right […]

Don’t Say Any More You’ve Said Too Much Already

11/11/10 – How much information is too much information. When is it OK to post about a fishing spot? If you put a spot out on the web is it ruined forever? Will thousands of people descend on that spot and fish it out? Ask yourself are you one of the people who Kiss and […]