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06/26/09 – hatches – high water

06/26/09 – High water again – still – forever – whatever – yes I’m sick of high water. What is it three years now? Enough. But on the bright side because of this high water natural reproduction and survival for trout and salmon across the state is on the rise and we’re seeing the results […]

07/18/08 – hatches moving to evening

07/18/08 Levels are good – wading is easy.  Flashboards are up and again this morning the water temperature is 70 degrees. Air temps today are supposed to hit 90 and the there will be little cloud cover so by this evening the temps (surface anyway) will be several degrees higher.   Bingham and Solon have the […]

06/20/08 – hatches – high water

06/20/08 – Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.  At least I wouldn’t want to drink it.  The water behind the shop right now is dirty – about the color of coffee with too much cream.  Ugly.  Water temperature is 61 degrees.  Hatches are good and the flow is above 39,000 cubic feet […]

03/08/07 – which mayfly patterns

03/08/07 – Mayflies are trout food nothing more nothing less, at least that’s what they are to me. Ask an entomologist and I’m sure you’ll get a different answer, as you should. You see, my only interest in mayflies is how they will help me hook up with a trout and an entomologist’s interest in […]