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10/11/13 – Almost Columbus Day

10/11/13 – Hopefully the big dump is over and upper river flows will stay down so we can fish the rest of the month out without fear of washing away 🙂 As you can see by the flow chart below Wyman Dam (Bingham) has been flowing at 5,000CFS for a week. The East Outlet and […]

04/08/11 – high water and fish

04/08/11 What a difference a week makes. Upcountry they still have a fair amount of snow in the woods but down here the ground is almost bare again. So far the melt has been slow and river levels are surprisingly good for this time of year. And speaking of flows don’t forget the river flow […]

Here Comes The Melt

03/10/11 Don’t look now but here comes the melt. I know you can’t tell because it’s snowing out today but the temperature will be in the 40’s by tomorrow and as Dylan said “it’s a hard rains a-gonna fall” most of tomorrow. Saturday too. So Sunday I’ll be out looking at water and trying a […]

Trout Lessons

02/17/11 – Well we just got back from vacation and vacation was great. One thing that helped make it great was a book I bought last year and put aside just so that I could read it while on vacation with no need to rush or skim pages – instead I could just sit back […]

Oh, Baby But It’s Cold Outside

11/04/10 – Welcome to this season’s Thursday Reviews. These Thursday Reviews will continue weekly through to April 1st and then I’ll switch to Friday Updates for the fishing season. Friday Updates consist of weekly reports on river conditions. The focus of this Thursday Review is winter trout fishing here in Maine. Which is something, unfortunately, […]

Notes on Nymphs and Nymphing

03/25/10 – Not all nymphs are created equal. Some nymphs are designed to sink  The Copper John is an example of that with it’s streamlined shape and extra wraps of lead stuffed up against the bead and then overwrapped with copper.  That’s a fly that is going down. Others are designed with a neutral density […]