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06/17/11 – fishing good

06/17/11 – The rivers and streams may still be high but if your not out doing it now your missing out. The Solon section is at 5,900CFS and that is high but you can fish it. Float trips are the best bet – there are nice fish being caught right now. Two guides that you […]

06/19/09 – good fishing

06/19/09 Things are good. Water temperatures have stayed down – 60 degrees out back in the river. That’s great for those of us who fly fish but it’s hard on the summer vacation people. When we were kids at camp on mornings like this our mother gathered us in the camp kitchen and hung a […]

06/12/09 – shad – fishing good

06/12/09 Well it’s Friday again and time for a Friday Update about the river but first let me wish a Happy Birthday to my sister who’s birthday makes June one of my favorite months. If you’re on the forum today wish FFOSIS a Happy Birthday. Ok – water temperature is a cool 59 degrees today […]

06/05/09 – fishing good

06/05/09 Hatches are on and fish are being caught most everywhere – HEY – it must be June 🙂 Water temperature is 62 degrees and the flow in Shawmut is 5,377 which is perfect. Sulphur mayflies have started – few Hendrickson mayflies left – Caddis (tan 14) are all over and in general if you […]

06/20/08 – hatches – high water

06/20/08 – Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.  At least I wouldn’t want to drink it.  The water behind the shop right now is dirty – about the color of coffee with too much cream.  Ugly.  Water temperature is 61 degrees.  Hatches are good and the flow is above 39,000 cubic feet […]

03/08/07 – which mayfly patterns

03/08/07 – Mayflies are trout food nothing more nothing less, at least that’s what they are to me. Ask an entomologist and I’m sure you’ll get a different answer, as you should. You see, my only interest in mayflies is how they will help me hook up with a trout and an entomologist’s interest in […]