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04/29/11 – ponds open

04/29/11 – Well this is the last update typed from Fly Fishing Only. Tomorrow is our last day as a shop – retirement here we come! I’ll keep doing Friday Updates on the Kennebec River for awhile (we’ll be here, in Fairfield, most of May) but Linda and I are heading for Pemadumcook Lake in […]

04/24/09 – cold and high – ice out on ponds

04/24/09 – I have to admit I was beginning to worry I was way off with my prediction that May 12th would be our start of regular, reliable wading in Shawmut. Water was dropping and even got down to 9,000CFS for a day or so. Well, not to worry, with 33,000CFS running by the back […]

Stillwater Changes

The high water we’ve had for the last three years my fishing has shifted from almost exclusively fishing moving water to about a 50/50 mix between moving water and stillwater. I know if moving water gets high there are always eddies, edges and other sheltered areas you can fish. Heck, when the water gets up […]

08/15/08 – high water

08/15/08 Water is still high but dropping.  Shawmut is running about 12,000CFS and is clear finally.  Boats and canoes can handle that flow but wading is tough.  There are some spots one can wade at that level but precious few.  Bank fishing along the Pasture Pool area can provide some action as well as fishing […]