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06/21/13 – River Coming Down Fishing Good

06/21/13 – Oh sure, it’s the weekend of the FFIM Conclave and FINALLY the Kennebec is coming down to wading levels. So, that means I’m leaving the just about wading level Kennebec to fish the near flood stage Penobscot – yikes. I think I need help. In May I go to West Grand early before […]

06/03/11 – high water

06/03/11 Well I wish I had better news for you but I don’t. The Kennebec River is still very high and the flow is fast. I don’t have any idea when they’ll be dropping it because there just seems to be too much water everywhere. The East Outlet is running at 5,400CFS and the river […]

07/03/09 – hatches – high water

07/03/09 – Well the good news is the water temperature is 62 degrees out back. The bad news is the flow is 22,710CFS and the water clarity is POOR. Oh, wait did I make it sound like that was all of the bad news – OH – there’s more. More rain coming that is. Showers […]

06/12/09 – shad – fishing good

06/12/09 Well it’s Friday again and time for a Friday Update about the river but first let me wish a Happy Birthday to my sister who’s birthday makes June one of my favorite months. If you’re on the forum today wish FFOSIS a Happy Birthday. Ok – water temperature is a cool 59 degrees today […]