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Here Comes The Melt

03/10/11 Don’t look now but here comes the melt. I know you can’t tell because it’s snowing out today but the temperature will be in the 40’s by tomorrow and as Dylan said “it’s a hard rains a-gonna fall” most of tomorrow. Saturday too. So Sunday I’ll be out looking at water and trying a […]

Oh, Baby But It’s Cold Outside

11/04/10 – Welcome to this season’s Thursday Reviews. These Thursday Reviews will continue weekly through to April 1st and then I’ll switch to Friday Updates for the fishing season. Friday Updates consist of weekly reports on river conditions. The focus of this Thursday Review is winter trout fishing here in Maine. Which is something, unfortunately, […]

05/07/10 – high but fishable

05/07/10 – We’re so close to wading Shawmut it’s frustrating to have to post that it isn’t quite there. Some people can and do wade it at this level (8,257CFS) but it’s a real push and difficult if you don’t know your way around. The level is high but the White Rock is peaking out […]

04/23/10 – streamers

04/23/10 – Well it doesn’t look like we’ll be wading Shawmut today. So once again I missed my date for safe wading. However, it shouldn’t be much longer as river levels are dropping. The inflatable bladder at Shawmut is working so, in a sense, the flashboards are up. They seem to work well. I was up […]

Trout Eat Insects – Right?

If asked – Trout eat insects, right? Few fly fishermen would say no.  After all it is called fly fishing.  But if you’re fishing bug patterns and don’t occasionally throw an imitation of some other tidbit that might tempt fish you may be missing out on some of the bigger fish. Certainly here in New […]

05/30/08 – good fishing

05/30/08 – Because it’s in me to be optimistic about life in general I picked 05/23/08 as a start of wading date.  Looking at snow pack when I made that prediction it didn’t seem like a very good bet but the levels and conditions we have right now are still just plain great – it […]