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10/11/13 – Almost Columbus Day

10/11/13 – Hopefully the big dump is over and upper river flows will stay down so we can fish the rest of the month out without fear of washing away 🙂 As you can see by the flow chart below Wyman Dam (Bingham) has been flowing at 5,000CFS for a week. The East Outlet and […]

Things I know about Tippet

02/21/13 – I’m often asked what’s the difference between leaders and tippet. My general answer is that tippet is part of leader and that overall leaders have taper and tippet sections don’t. Then I mention that the tippet section is the terminal section of the leader that is tied to the fly and that the […]

Searching Flies

03/05/11 – Searching flies are a big part of my fly fishing. While I like to fish old haunts I also like to find new ones. The big problem with new ones is that it takes awhile to become familiar enough to know where the most productive spots are. You know – familiar enough to […]

Sink that tippet unless you want it to float.

You can’t buy Mud anymore, at least, not in Orvis stores.  I’ve never seen it anywhere else hence my conclusion you can’t buy it any longer.  Most people don’t even know what it was so they don’t miss it.  However, if you wanted your leader tippet section to sink it was the best “degreaser” money could […]