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Which Rod should I buy?

12/16/10 – Many people get their fly fishing start by going on a trip with a friend and they end up using gear borrowed from that friend. Others find a rod stored away and just take it out (old line and all) and start working with it and find that while it works it doesn’t […]

Mayflies are Trout Food

03/13/08 – Yes indeed, one of my favorite things about mayflies is that trout love to eat them.  Oh, I think they are pretty floating down stream with their wings standing up like sails.  Their mating swarms are an incredible sight and always just out of my reach. Those things and more make them a […]

Handling Trout

03/06/08 – The State Open Water Fishing Regulations (which are out now stop in and pick up a copy) has a section titled Tips for Catching and Releasing Fish. The number one rule is TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. I couldn’t agree more.  There are some tools available to the fly fisherman that help you do just […]

Lost and Found – One Moose Skull and Horns

Have you ever gone for a hike and come across a moose horn drop or even a deer antler? If you’re like me the answer is yes – but only once or twice is all the years I’ve been beating around the woods of Maine. How about a skull? Ever seen one of those? If […]

Sight Casting

03/20/08 – Sight casting to fish is something we get to do precious little of here in Maine.  Tannic Acid tinting our water is one reason, steep gradients and a broken, turbulent water surface is another common problem.  But one of the biggest problems is many of us just don’t know where to look or don’t look […]

Thermometers – do you use them?

12/13/07 – Thermometers are a must have for some and a “why bother” for others.  Thermometers will tell you the temperature but they won’t change the fishing, which is why a lot of people don’t bother with them.  But knowing the temperature can, and should, give you a good idea how to approach the water and […]