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06/26/11 – fishing good

06/26/11 – Sorry about missing Friday. I was “Upta” camp but my computer wasn’t. I planned on taking it with me but when got there it wasn’t there and when I got home it was right where I left it – oops. However, Linda and I got home last night and here’s an update on […]

06/25/10 – fishing good

06/25/10 – Ok – if you’ve been going to get out and fish and haven’t made it – you may have missed the peak – waters are getting warm. This morning’s river temperature is 68 degrees. Fishing will slow dramatically with these temps if we don’t get some cold nights to drive the temp back […]

06/11/10 – fishing good

06/11/10 – Life is good. The bugs are hatching, levels are almost back down to normal and there are only showers in the forecast. That’s all they forecast for last week was showers and instead we got pounding rain but perhaps this week they’ll get it right. If they do it should be a bit […]

07/10/09 – high water

07/10/09 – The water temperature out back is 61 degrees. That gives me some hope the river will have some fishing for us when this water comes down from the 25,950CFS we have for a flow. Last year on 07/11/08 the water temperature was 70 degrees. I guess somehow that puts us ahead of the […]

07/03/09 – hatches – high water

07/03/09 – Well the good news is the water temperature is 62 degrees out back. The bad news is the flow is 22,710CFS and the water clarity is POOR. Oh, wait did I make it sound like that was all of the bad news – OH – there’s more. More rain coming that is. Showers […]

06/26/09 – hatches – high water

06/26/09 – High water again – still – forever – whatever – yes I’m sick of high water. What is it three years now? Enough. But on the bright side because of this high water natural reproduction and survival for trout and salmon across the state is on the rise and we’re seeing the results […]