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The Great Hendrickson Hunt – June 13, 2014

06/13/14 – The Hendrickson Hatch has come and gone for the Waterville area.  At least as far as I can tell.  Now it’s time to head North in search of an area where they are still hatching.  As I hoped it might the hatch seemed to stop gradually as you moved up the river.  When Shawmut died out, Madison still had some as did Solon.  Shortly after that there were none to be found (two days) in Madison (at least not by me) but Solon had them but I haven’t been back since the 7th and they were weak.

With the rain we have high water again – over 3,000CFS at the East Outlet, 4,700CFS in Bingham 5,000CFS in Solon but Solon Rainbowthat’s all subject to quick change since the Sandy and Carrabassett don’t have overly high flows.  Be sure and call 1800-557-3569 to get the flow phone for tomorrow if you’re planning on fishing.

Buy the way if you call the flow phone the interface is different this year.  At first I had to redial for each location I wanted flow information on. I found a work-around for the menu. If you call try this.

During the blah-blah they make you listen to initially just hit the # button.  That jumps you to the place where you hit 5 for the Kennebec.  Hit the 5 button and that will take you to the menu where you hit 1 for Harris, 2 for another location and so on.  Well, I just couldn’t get back to select another location so I’d end up hanging up and calling again – until – I discovered by hitting the * button I could select another location without all the hassle.

Shawmut IslandAnyway, above is a picture of a Solon rainbow – not Bingham but Solon.  Greg B and I had a Solon Grand Slam up there on the 7th a Rainbow, a Brown, a Brookie and a Landlock.  Fun time.

Dropping down to Shawmut again here’s a picture of some junk hung up on the island. I managed to get a bunch of the styrofoam out from the decking but I have to go back with a hatchet or an axe to get rid of that rope. What a mess. One thing about it though the styrofoam sure didn’t weigh much – it didn’t make poling any harder 🙂

Canoe with loadOn the 9th I dropped down to Waterville (Shad and Stripers still there) and found we still have good temps there as well as some fish traffic moving up the river.  Look below and you’ll see the temp I got for that day and the “count sign” they keep at the lift.

Fishing is as good as it’s going to get.  GO FISH!



Water Temperature this week - low 60's








fish lift count