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The Great Hendrickson Hunt – June 6, 2014

June 6th, 2014 – The Hendrickson Hunt continues.  The Hendricksons are hatching up and down the Kennebec River Valley.  56 and holdingWell, at least from Bingham down to Fairfield. I admit since I discovered them on the Shawmut Section I haven’t gone further North than Bingham to fish them.  They will be stopping soon in Shawmut and Madison and the end for Solon will come shortly after.  Not so for Bingham. While they have started in Bingham they have just started and if they run their normal 10-days to two week course they will be there for awhile longer.

The water temperature in Solon on June 3rd was 56 degrees and while the hatch wasn’t really heavy it will be.  As it was there were enough Hendricksons coming off so that I could easily seine them both from the water as nymphs and riding on the surface as Duns.

The fish still aren’t looking up in Solon. They are looking up in Shawmut and Madison.  Or perhaps I should say they weren’t looking up in Solon on the 3rd – the fish have probably figured it out and started feeding on top by today the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsixth.  I’m heading out today for another shot at Shawmut hoping to find one or two of the fish IF&W stocked last fall.

If you’ve got a minute or two you might want to watch the video clip below.  I was lucky enough to seine a nymph just as it was hatching.  I didn’t get the whole emerging sequence but I got enough to be very interesting. Check it out.