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The Great Hendrickson Hunt – May 02, 2014

Well last year’s Hendrickson Hunt was a bust. A weird spring and a bunch of other things (gas money for one) sort of shut it down. But this year I’m at it again and here’s an update.

So far I’ve made two trips over to the Little Ossipee River in search of early Hendricksons. I know they may be

Water Temp - 42 degrees

hatching somewhere but they aren’t hatching there yet. The first trip the water temperature was only 42-degrees. My second trip (April 29th) I got a water temperature of 49-degrees and saw nymph activity.

At 42-degrees there were no nymphs to be found in the shallows but at 49 they were busy and moving around along the edges.  Them and lots of other bugs. I found Stoneflies, smaller Clinger Mayflies, Stick Cased Caddis and one good sized Dragonfly Nymph.

So the hunt is on. I’m going to give it about a week to 10-days and hit the Little Ossipee again. If it would stop raining every day I’d go sooner but I don’t think the water is warming very fast with the cool rains and cool nights.  Next week I should get to fish the hatch.

Here’s a short clip showing one of the Hendrickson Nymphs I caught and if you aren’t aware of how well they swim you should check this out. Oh, and this is what will pass for Friday Updates for awhile. There’s not much to post about the Kennebec River right now except it’s high and dirty.