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Last off season post hatch chart – blue dun page

03/31/11Ok this is the last Thursday Review of the season.  Tomorrow starts the Friday Updates which review river conditions.

However, for this Thursday Review I thought I’d finish up with some comments about bugs.  The ones we find here on the Kennebec River.  So I got to looking around and found a hatch chart that I made up years ago.  It sort of got lost in the ether among the hundreds of webpages located on our site.  But since I found it I thought a link to it might provide some people with a hatch guide for this coming summer

Click here to see the Hatch Guide

And since we’ll soon be seeing Blue Winged Olives, Blue Quills, Quill Gordons and Hendricksons I resurrected another old page called the Blue Dun page.  If you follow the link to it you’ll find a write-up on these mayflies.  They are fondly referred to as the Blue Duns. If you follow the link be sure and check out the information listed on the left of the page.  There are tips on equipment and details about the nymph and adult stages of the mayflies.

Click here to see the Blue Dun Page

And with that information I end this season’s Thursday Reviews.  Look tomorrow for the first Friday Update and be sure to get out there and fish.