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Time for projects

04/18/16 – I know it’s not Friday but here a post anyway. Hit Bingham yesterday. 2,300CFS for a flow, in April, and 70-degree weather; couldn’t resist.  My brother and I waded in about 11:30am and found 38-degree water. We figured fish wouldn’t be real active so we rigged up with a heavy stonefly and a size 14 Hare’s Ear and set to fishing – low and slow.

And slow it was.  After we had quelled the drive to get a fly in the water we started to figure our next move.  That led to turning over rocks and there were plenty of active bugs but the standout was an active little green worm.  I’d like to say fishing was fast and furious after that but it wasn’t.

An Oliver Edwards Rhyacophila Larva did bring us one respectable fish.  The jury is still out for the question “Is it a Brook Trout or a Splake?”  Nice fish either way.  I’d be remiss I guess if I didn’t admit it was my brother that scored a fish.

So today since it’s not raining and the flow is still down I thought seriously about heading back to Bingham – but. There are some spring chores calling and I can do them now while the water is 38-degrees or I can do them in a couple of weeks when the water is warmer and the fish more active.  I opted to do some projects instead.  However, I may sneak away later today and make a quick run from Shawmut to Fairfield just to see how the winter treated it.

Oh, we fished several spots yesterday, and at one of them we repeatedly saw two eagles returning to and sharing space in the same tree.  We couldn’t make out a nest but I’ll be looking closely the next time I float that stretch.

Here’s a video clip I shot last year about this time in Bingham.  Six eagles.