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Where’s the melt?

The river should be roaring, trees should be ripping from the banks and flooding should be creeping into all the low lying areas.  But slow and steady is the rule of the day.  Most people are finding levels that would fish well if the water wasn’t so cold.  Temps are running in the low to mid-30’s and that doesn’t really get the fish moving.

Speaking of moving I didn’t get moving so well yesterday as yesterday was supposed to be the first Friday Update of the year.  BUT, yesterday my site decided not to work and I couldn’t post on it.  I made a call – got some help – and today the site is back to normal.  So here’s the post and next Friday’s should be up on Friday.


Flows up and down the river are fair. East Outlet is running just over 1,000CFS, Harris is pulsing up to 5,000CFS but just for a short while.  The Dead is at a fishable flow with 381,CFS, Bingham (Wyman Dam) is pulsing back and forth between 2,000 and 4,000CFS which is the norm and while high for some is fishable at 4,000CFS, Solon is at 2,900 all day and Madison is a bit higher because of the Carrabassett and Sandy River influence at 4,800CFS (high for this water temperature) and Shawmut – well the White Rock is under at Shawmut.

So that’s the river flow and for the most part right now – while fishable – the Kennebec isn’t the place to be. Try some smaller tribs that might be a bit warmer and cleaner.  Even though the water was clear at Bingham it was already getting muddy by Solon and it just gets worse as you move downriver.  Be sure and check the tribs that are running clean.

And last but not least remember the frost is coming out of the ground so it is soft.  This guy found out the hard way that pulling over onto the grass isn’t always the answer.  The wheel on the other side of his car is buried just as deep.  The wrecker was on the way when I got there – glad of that because he didn’t ask me to try and pull him out. 🙂

And last but not least here’s short video of the Bingham area on opening day – it’s only a minute and will give you an idea of levels.